Kristina E. Kitko


January 2019

Thrilled to announce that I've started a postdoc in Ed Boyden's lab at MIT! Stay tuned for more updates about my work, and life in Boston.

April 2018

It's official, graduation in December! Finishing up a few papers, writing, and working on planning Vandy's student pharmacology forum. We have a great line-up for 'America's Opioid Epidemic', official hashtag to follow soon.

March 2018

First Gordon conference is in the books! Was a blast meeting everyone at Neuroelectronic Interfaces, see you in 2 years in CA?

January 2018

My work characterizing membrane changes on graphene substrates is out online!

See a write-up to go behind the paper here: Nature Chemistry Community

March 2016

Had a great few days at 'Neurodisney' (HHMI Janelia) as part of the junior scientist workshop on protein engineering. Was excited to share our qdot work and talk in vivo imaging . Thanks to Loren and Eric for everything, and to Teong for the AIC tour! The lattice light sheets are looking great.

February 2015

Spent a chilly week in Baltimore for my first biophysical society meeting, which included my first talk: “Regulation of lipid membrane trafficking and transmembrane signaling by graphene.” After the morning session, I was off to D.C. to visit the Speaker’s office. Couldn't see Arlington through the fog, but thanks to my friends in Boehnerland for the invitation!